Steampunk II imminent

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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It looks like the Steampunk II anthology, including my ‘Cast Iron Kid’, will be out soon. It’s available to pre-order from Amazon, and there’s a review, mostly concerned with the non-fiction parts, on the Voyages Extraordinaires blog. Learning about this book by anything short of telegraph feels like cheating, but I’m still very excited about it, and will post more details about the release when I have them.

  1. devans00 says:

    I really enjoyed the story. Although I had unanswered questions about the sheriff at the end.

  2. […] of excellent steampunk anthologies, Steampunk Revolution. Being included in the previous volume, Steampunk Reloaded, was a real highlight for me, and it’s awesome to again be published alongside the likes of […]

  3. […] In many ways steampunk’s a great fit with westerns. You’ve got the nineteenth century technology, outfits and attitudes. You’ve got frontier living again, combining technological and geographical frontiers. You’ve got dreams of a greater future twisted round with dark consequences. OK, so all of this was pre-empted by Wild Wild West, but now that steampunk’s properly emerged as a genre you can see the two being combined to good effect. That’s why the likes of Josh Stanton are scribbling away at steampunk westerns. Even I’ve had some success in that area. […]

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