And so it begins

Posted: May 6, 2013 in writing life

The last couple of weeks have been rather hectic, as I’ve finished at work, put my home working space in order, and taken an anniversary holiday with Mrs K. – four years married, and I can still barely believe she even said yes.

But the thing that’s taken most of my attention these past few weeks (except on the anniversary, of course) is preparing to start writing full time.

Wednesday was my last day at work. I was given a spectacular send-off, including a red quill-style pen that will take pride of place in my writing space. I’ve handed over all my projects, packed away my office clothes, and got myself a plan. Because I know from six years as an arts student that without a plan, without a firm structure to keep me focussed, I will drift into laziness, sporadic depression, and a complete lack of productivity.

For me, that structure is all-important. It’s not rigid, and I’ll adapt as I learn my limits. But without it, I might as well head straight back to the nine to five, because I’ll never make it at writing.

I might talk about this more another day, as I’ve found some really good resources for planning a writer’s life. And I will get back to discussing the Hunger Games soon – I haven’t just forgotten. But for now, I’m going to rest and prepare, because tomorrow’s my first day as a full time writer.

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