Out now – Live by the Sword

Posted: June 10, 2013 in release, writing life
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I had a new story out yesterday, Live by the Sword in Wily Writers. It’s a fantasy story about gladiators, monsters, magic and the power of art. It’s free to read or listen to, so please go have a look.

I’ll write a bit about the content, inspiration and themes of this story later in the week, but today I want to use it to talk about time and short stories.

Writing short stories means that I can write a whole piece of fiction in a few days if I really knuckle down. Normally the process of planning, writing and editing will be spread over a few weeks, with several stories on the go at once. Still, there’s some fairly swift satisfaction to be gained from completing a story.

The satisfaction of seeing it published takes far longer.

I started writing Live by the Sword in late 2007. I first submitted it to a market in February 2008. Thirteen rejections and several substantial re-writes later it was accepted exactly a year ago today, nearly four and a half years after I first sent it out. I then waited another year before it was published. So, five and a half years after I first imagined the character of Ubu, he’s finally out there for others to meet.

Not all stories take this long to be published. Some get there sooner. Some take even longer. Some never see the light of day, but are quietly abandoned after dozens of rejections or my losing faith in the concept. But they all take longer to reach that end point than they ever did to write.

It’s immensely satisfying to see Live by the Sword out there. I’m very proud of it, and of being selected as one of two stories for Wily Writers’ warrior themed issue. Go check it out, and come back later in the week when I’ll discuss the story itself.

  1. mmsnyder says:

    I am very glad I was the editor who got to say “yes” to this story. It’s terrific.

  2. […] Out now – Live by the Sword […]

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