The writing life October 2013 – the world’s worst rollercoaster

Posted: October 9, 2013 in writing, writing life
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My recent writing life’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. Not an exciting one, with the screams of exhilaration and the wind rushing through my hair, but at least one that’s now hitting a high point.

That's not my rollercoaster, sadly. Photo by Rene Schwietzke via Flickr creative commons

That’s not my rollercoaster, sadly.
Photo by Rene Schwietzke via Flickr creative commons

This weekend was a huge low. I’d been plugging away trying to get freelance work without much luck. I’d had several short story rejections, including some I’d been quietly optimistic about. I sat down with Mrs K to look at our finances and realised that very soon I was going to have to head back to an office.

I was not a happy bunny. But this had an upside. The risk of losing the lifestyle I’ve started to build made me realise how much I appreciate it, what lengths I’m willing to go to to protect it.

And that’s why I found myself awake at midnight on Sunday, desperately typing away at applications for freelance writing work, because it was that or apply for a post as a school secretary.

And somewhere in amongst all that panic and selling myself, some good news arrived. A story shortlisted for a paying market.

I got up on Monday, started plugging away again through a haze of sleep deprivation and caffeine. I almost thought I imagined the moment when an email said I’d be paid for a piece of blog work I’d given up on the previous week. By lunchtime one of that day’s applications had paid off – an employer had already come back offering me article writing work. I knuckled down to it.

And today more of the same. Another freelance application come good. A flash story short-listed at one of the best paying markets in science fiction and fantasy. I am on a role!

Seriously, I have not felt this upbeat in months. I celebrated by running round the house in my underpants, singing a song about how I was running round in my underpants. It’s the new rock’n’roll.

So if you’re getting disheartened, don’t give up. Stick with it. You can do it.

And now to work. I suddenly have lots to do.

In my underpants.


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