Enjoying just writing

Posted: October 17, 2013 in writing, writing life
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There’s a difference between enjoying the process of writing and enjoying the thing you’re writing about. I’m always going to enjoy writing stories because they’re something for which I have a passion. But the risk, when I decided to try to make a living by writing, lay in whether I’d enjoy writing about other things. I couldn’t know for sure whether I’d enjoy writing for its own sake, regardless of the content.

Fortunately, it turns out that I do. Over the past week I’ve written about toothpaste, sunglasses, the Battle of Agincourt, and those special drugs for men that anonymous Canadian pharmacies keep emailing me about. I’ve applied for work writing about recipes, chiropractic technology and new developments in the world of HR. And while there have been moments that have strained my brain – 400 words about a wooden cube, for example – I’ve enjoyed it all. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of finding interesting ways to write about uninteresting things. I’ve enjoyed the learning that comes from quickly brushing up on a subject for an assignment. And I’ve really enjoyed putting one word before the next, working out the best ways to say things, going with the flow of the words.

Get out there and write. Enjoy letting the words spill out onto your screen, no matter what it’s about.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go research vegan cheesecakes. The words demand it!

  1. I am very glad to hear that you are finding some satisfaction in writing “to order”. The pleasures you describe are mainly very different to those from the writing for work that I do, but that too can have satisfaction: getting the message across as clearly and concisely as possible; turning poor English into good English that meets the requirements of our “House Style”, getting to grips with what is really going on whatever language the published work is in; and doing it all as quickly as possible. Were we match is the enjoyment of often having opportunities to pick up a bit of information on something new. I like the sound of those vegan cheesecakes already!

  2. tenabreme says:

    This is exactly what I’m worrying about now. I’m a few days away from submitting my thesis which is in a topic that interests me, but which I seem to have so much trouble writing about! I’m not an expert in the area (yet?), I’m still learning as I go, so it just doesn’t *flow*. I used to write creatively every day – little snippets of prose or poems – but haven’t in the past few years. So it can’t be that I’m just not writing about something I love. I started my blog in an attempt to write something – ANYTHING – daily, which I thought might fuel my fire for thesis-writing. What other things can you suggest as a professional writers?

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