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I love enthusiasm for the same reason that I consider Hufflepuff the best Hogwarts house. For me good intention and the will to strive on are far greater signs of character than skill or intelligence. I also love the weird and outlandish, the glorious attempts, successful or not, to try something new. And those are the reasons why I want to share this – the website of the American Polearmball Association.

This is where I come in

This is where I come in

I found this site because the guy running it hired me to write a piece on the history of gongs. His enthusiasm really showed in his feedback, and it’s all over the site. It’s a mad medley of articles relevant to the new team sport that he’s trying to champion. There are pieces on history, live roleplay, sports, facepaint, pretty much anything that’s taken his interest and is relevant to the game. I have no idea how many people are reading it. I have no idea how many people play the sport. I have no idea how to make the page layout work for me, because that’s as much of a mixed meddly as the content. But I love this site.

It’s not a perfect piece of design, but what is? And that’s not what matters. There’s an intention here, a wild, imaginative intention that I can’t help but admire. And some days I’ll take that over all the slickness and polish in the world.


Photo by Sam Howzit via Flickr creative commons

  1. Thanks for the plug. At present no one plays Polearmball. I will be launching Polearmball into the real world at the forthcoming Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition (also known for generations as The Youth Fair) which will celebrate its 62nd annual fair March 13-30, 2014. For now Polearmball is on paper and the blue prints or rules may be found in the Member’s Area on the Polearmball website. About 100 visitors visit the website each week. The facebook page for Polearmball has over 3000 members. In order to play Polearmball properly you need a polearm called a Javel designed for this game. It is my dream to have Polearmball become the next mainstream new sport on the planet. There are three offshoots of Polearmball called Bagitball, Ballarmball, and Basket Polearmball which I hope to add to the mix soon. After that will come the aquatic versions, equestrian version, ice version, bike version, etc.

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