Feeling ill has cheered me up

Posted: January 3, 2014 in writing life
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Today I have discovered a downside of the freelance writing life – feeling ill doesn’t excuse me from working. Even if, like today, I’m lying in bed half the day drinking lemsip and blowing my nose, I can still get work done on my laptop. No day of Diagnosis Murder re-runs for me.

But I have also discovered another upside to this writing life – I don’t want to stop working. Previously a heavy cold was a good excuse to have a day of rest. Now it’s an inconvenience because I actually want to be doing my work and dammit this stupid cold is getting in the way. Realising that has made me feel good about life, even as the lemsip has started to clear my airways and the huge pots of coffee have started to give me some energy.

We readily accept jobs that are all burden and very little pleasure. It’s nice to realise that I don’t have that any more.

So hooray for this writing life! Now back to bed – I have work to do.

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