Nature Futures contest

Posted: January 7, 2014 in writing
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The magazine Nature are running a competition looking for sci-fi stories of just 200 characters. It’s a really interesting challenge, trying to create a narrative in that few words, as well as getting across a sci-fi idea. As with haiku, being brief but evocative will be key. I’m going to give it a go, and you all should too – at only 200 characters, and with the deadline not until the end of January, not having enough time is no excuse.

Following this exciting distraction, tomorrow I’ll return to Guy Gavriel Kay’s Lions of Al-Rassan. Honest.

  1. north5 says:

    That sounds awesome, I’ll have to try it. I’ve heard a number of the full-length Futures on the nature podcast, ranging from the odd to the good.

    Here’s my contribution to the competition:


    I don’t know about you, but I think I’ve nailed it.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. I may just give it a go

      • Here’s my first attempt:
        The figure lay down the scalpel and wiped acrid sweat from his brow. What was this creature that now lay before him on the slab? No one must know. His work finished, one red slash to rob it of breath, then to the flame. Ashes tell no tales.

        • But I think I like this one even better. Thoughts?
          The dogs were barking at nothing again. She shook her head and sighed. The invisible thing mimicked her, eager to learn our ways. Looking human is key to the invasion. We will never see it coming.

          • Nice. I like this idea of the invisible thing shadowing someone’s movements.

            For the Nature contest, stuff that’s clearly future-looking sci-fi is probably best – it’s in keeping with their focus as a magazine. I don’t know if that helps or hinders – I still don’t have a good idea myself, thought that might be because I’ve been working on a comics script this week, and that’s rather different.

  3. Dick Henry says:

    So what happened? Who won? Where can I see the winning entry?

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