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Posted: April 26, 2014 in writing
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Building, stealing, storming - what's in a word?

Building, stealing, storming – what’s in a word?

For the writers and gamers out there, and ant others of you interested in the creation of fictional worlds, here’s a few interesting links I’ve picked up recently for world building:

H. Anthe Davis on thinking a bit harder about how the past appears in your fictional landscape

Rebekah Loper on oblectation, aka how people enjoy recreation – and what a great word to add to your vocabulary

From BucketOfToenails on Reddit, some sources for names

James West on famous historical leaders faced with climate change – there’s some great story seeds in there

I’ve used all of these as sources of inspiration as I indulge in world building for my next big writing project. I’d be interested to hear what ideas they inspire in you, and if you have any other great world building resources then please share below.

Thanks to the Google+ World Building community, where I found some of these links and many others.


Picture by JD Hancock via Flick creative commons

  1. Talking about historical people facing climate change, I really recommend Jared Diamond’s book ‘Collapse’. It’s nonfiction and deals with six or eight civilizations and how they either died out through their policies or continued to manage their environment sustainably. I was definitely inspired by it.

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