Trying my hand at scripting

Posted: April 29, 2014 in writing, writing life
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It turns out I officially have talent. Or half a talent at least, as I’m a runner up in comics publisher Top Cow’s 2013 talent hunt.

Top Cow logo

This is only the third time I’ve even tried to write a comics script, and I clearly got something right because they’re going to publish a short comic story written by me. It won’t be the one I entered in the competition, which is a shame because I’m quite proud of it, but this is still very exciting. It’s a great thing to have in my portfolio, and a way to sell myself when approaching other companies.

Writing a script was a very different experience from writing prose. It’s not just a matter of dialogue, it’s explaining other aspects of the scene in the right type of detail for your medium, in a way that will make the story flow. Comics have their own particular challenges and opportunities, and I’m glad I’ve read plenty of Scott McCloud‘s books on comics storytelling. If you’re at all interested in how to write comics, or just how they work, then I really recommend reading McCloud, he has a fine analytical mind and explains things very clearly.

So anyway, now I need to spend some time working out how to make the most of this opportunity, and of the possibility that I don’t suck at scripting. To the keyboard!

Wait, I’m already there.

  1. Congrats! And I agree, McCloud’s books are a great analysis of the medium.

    • Thanks.
      I think one of the things that’s particularly impressive with McCloud is that he hasn’t defaulted to using a standard textbook style, but has made the most of his medium to discuss his medium.

      • Graphic novels are actually really good teaching tools. There are a lot of Japanese manuals written as graphic novels, just because it’s easier to explain many things in pictures than it is in text.

  2. Michelle Mueller says:

    Congrats! And hooray for discovering new writing talents! That’s pretty exciting.

  3. Sue Archer says:

    Congrats, Andrew! Love the medium, I think that’s simply awesome.

  4. G.B. Koening says:

    That’s some super news! Congrats and please keep posting your progress. I’ve several ideas in the pipeline that seem destined for the graphic novel medium and would love to know how you fare.

    • I’ll let you know how I get on. I’m starting by having a look at the submission requirements for different companies, I’m sure I’ll post more once I make some more progress.

  5. Sara Norja says:

    Congrats, that’s really cool! I’ve tried writing scripts for comics a couple of times, and it’s really challenging but fun. Such a different medium from prose!

    • It’s turned out to be really well timed, as a friend and I are currently taking a script writing course online. Sadly comics aren’t covered in the course, but it should still give me ideas and techniques to use.

  6. […] writing-wise. I have two big freelance projects on the go, and other pieces coming in. I have that Top Cow script to write. I want to do final edits before sharing a draft of a novel with my first round of […]

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