Disruptive Distribution – guest post on CURNBLOG

Posted: May 4, 2014 in watching
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Just a quick note to say that I’ve got a guest post up today at CURNBLOG, a blog about films. It’s another piece on the distribution of In Your Eyes, this time expanding upon the creative implications of this distribution model. If you’re interested in film or in the changing nature of creative businesses then you might want to give it a read, and maybe have a look at the other interesting film articles on CURNBLOG.

  1. G.B. Koening says:

    It’s a brave new world out there. Nice post.

  2. malwen says:

    I found the blog post a splendid, succinct analysis of the way we are heading. It has, however, alarmed me in that, while very many people have access over the Internet to films, there are some who have no access and so are dependent on the old forms of distribution, and those, like me, who have access but with bandwidth too low to download or stream film (no cable this far out of Silicon Fen). I am hoping “In Your Eyes” comes out as a DVD so I can watch it.

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