Some character building links

Posted: May 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Characters are absolutely vital to story, so for you writers out there, here’s some useful links on character creation. Happy Saturday!

Page Reiring on creating diverse character traits

Susan Spann on the value of sidekicks

Behind The Name’s random character name generator

Everwalker on creating character depth

Some lessons on character I learned from Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s A Writer’s Guid To Characterisation


  1. G.B. Koening says:

    Good stuff, especially the name generator. From this point on, please refer to me as: ‘Ofrah Andrei Cameron…but as always, I’ll continue answering to “Hey You!” 🙂

    • The name generator’s one of my favourites. Even if I don’t like its first few suggestions it’s still a damn sight easier than spending ages pondering the best sounding names.

  2. Sue Archer says:

    Thanks for the links, Andrew! 🙂

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