Some Saturday listening – folk I know

Posted: May 24, 2014 in listening
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It’s Saturday! You don’t want to be reading my opinions on literature or how best to drink a cup of tea. You want to be listening to awesome tunes and chilling out with a good book.

To help you achieve that weekend nirvana, and to publicise the creativity of others instead of just myself, here’s some music by people I know. Most of it’s folk, all of it’s excellent. Enjoy!

Old Worlds by The Patient Wild – the folk rock stylings of blog commenter Glenatron and others, combining passion and stringed instruments to awesome effect:


Yan Tan Tether, my sister-in-law Rosie’s folk trio, singing beautiful songs live at Otley Courthouse:


Steampunk trio Pocketwatch covering Tonight Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins. Will of Pocketwatch is a mad creative genius and inventor of the blunderbow:


Accidental Crimes by Driven Serious, from my old geeking grounds in north-east England. Their bassist Tim has the facial hair of an angry pagan god, yet is one of the most lovely blokes I know:

  1. pjcarrington says:

    Reblogged this on cupboardelephant and commented:
    The awesome Patient Wild

  2. glenatron says:

    Thank you very much! Having played in bands for more than half my life now, I am very clear that this is the best music I have ever been part of and it’s really gratifying to see the response we get from people who hear us.

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