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Posted: June 24, 2014 in self-publishing
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I’ve received a lot of advice on self-publishing since my blog post asking for help last week. It’s all good stuff, and very useful for me as I prepare to dip my toe into the self-publishing pond. The advice has included many suggestions for other resources to read and listen to, so I thought I’d combine those here, both for my own ease of reference and for anyone else looking for a list of beginner’s self-publishing guidance. I haven’t had time to read most of these yet, but they all come recommended by folks with more experience than me:

A starting point

An interesting article from an experienced indie author on what she would do if she were starting out now.


Write. Publish. Repeat. by Sean Platt & Johnny B Truant

Let’s Get Visible by David Gaughran

Let’s Get Digital by David Gaughran – PDF available free here

Authot 2.0 Blueprint by Joanna Penn – available for free if you sign up to Joanna’s mailing list – I’ve read some of Joanna’s other advice and it’s probably worth being on that mailing list anyway.

Blogs and websites

The Creative Penn – Joanna Penn again, pay attention class because her name’s likely to come up a lot over the next few months.

The Passive Voice

BookBub Unbound

The Book Designer

Kobo Writing Life


The Self-Publishing Podcast

Rocking Self-Publishing

I love podcasts. They’re a great way to learn and be entertained while doing the housework. Just by going audio these folks have got my attention.


Thanks to Dylan Hearn, Graeme Cumming and especially Russell Phillips for your invaluable advice.

  1. skudssister says:

    Check out http://www.hughhowey.com/ as well. He has moved over into mainstream publishing but has retained his ebook rights (in an unprecedented move) and is very vocal on the rights of authors (vs those of publishers)

  2. You know Joanna Penn has a podcast, right?

  3. joshnstanton says:

    You are listening to everyone I listen to. They’re great podcasts full of tons of info. Especially Joanna Penn.

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