Becoming master of my domain

Posted: July 16, 2014 in writing life
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The word ‘domain’ makes our little slices of the internet sound so grand and impressive, like feudal territories full of serfs and knights, not collections of ones and zeroes and random thoughts I had a year ago. Not that the reality isn’t impressive – instant communication from England to the Antipodes would have seemed miraculous a century ago. But it’s not the sort of impressive that the name aspires to.

So it felt a bit anticlimactic on Monday when, after putting the intimidating-sounding task off for a little while now, I finally registered my domain and turned this blog into . A couple of clicks, auto-filling the same boxes as on every second online form, a moment’s Paypal wizardry and, tada, I am overlord of this tiny digital kingdom.

His Majesty King Swankyshirt at the state opening of Knightonia

His Majesty King Swankyshirt at the state opening of Knightonia

Does it make any difference to the look of the blog?


Does it make any difference to its content?

Only for this post.

Is it a significant step in making myself more of a professional in my field, and making it easier to reach my audience?

Apparently yes – smart, experienced people tell me so.

So, welcome to – just like , only with less letters.


  1. Nathan. says:

    They’ll let anybody have their own domain these days…
    I think we need to have a cull, from memory we’ve got 4 between us.

  2. There is another advantage to having your own domain, although it only applies if you have a mailing list (you need to set up a mailing list, by the way).

    Mailing list emails from are more likely to get delivered than emails from Full details here:

    • Cheers dude – better look into adding an email address to this thing!
      I’ve started reading the various guidance from Mailchimp on setting up the mailing list, soon I will get there, soon!

  3. Sue Archer says:

    Good stuff! I am jealous, as my name was taken long ago. 😉

    • Advantage of having a relatively unusual name. The version had already gone to a sculptor, but I think I’d rather be an international man of mystery than wear my nationhood on my url anyway.

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