A steam-powered cowboy with a taste for death.

A daring art heist in a moving city.

A zeppelin flight through the smoke-filled skies of a Europe torn apart by volcanoes.

Riding The Mainspring - High Resolution

No, these are not just random words that I’ve thrown together to fill my blog. They are among the many exciting stories featured in my new collection, Riding the Mainspring, out now on all your different Amazons, including Amazon.com for those of you living in Mickey Mouse country and Amazon.co.uk for those of us who shop using pictures of a lady in a crown.

This collection brings together nine stories of mechanical endeavour and daring do from worlds where pistons and clockwork are king. Each short story explores a different steampunk possibility, from the Wild West to the sewers below Venice. Starring scientists, detectives, criminals, and more machines than you can shake a pair of brass goggles at.

Mud and Brass - High Resolution - Version 2

And if you’re looking for something a little smaller, my brand new short story Mud and Brass is also available as an Amazon e-book for only 99c – again available on all Amazon sites including your Yankee website and our tiny island nation version. It’s a story of mud, mechanisms and romance in a steampunk city.

If you read these stories then please let me know what you think. And better yet, please leave a review on the relevant Amazon site, as that’s hugely useful for me.

These are just the first in a series of short story releases I’m planning over the next few months. If you’d like to win a free copy of the next release then please leave a review of one or both of these steampunk books on Amazon and paste a link to the review in the comments below. Anyone who leaves a link to their review by the end of August will go into a draw to receive a free copy of the next collection.

And for those of you who don’t use Amazon, fear not. I’ll also be releasing these e-books on other platforms soon – keep an eye out here or join my mailing list to find out when that happens.

I hope you enjoy the stories and look forward to reading your opinions.

Happy reading!


  1. Michelle Mueller says:

    Oh, oh! I will be checking these out ASAP. I’ve been looking for some steampunk reading. Congrats on the publication!

  2. Dylan Hearn says:

    Many congratulations! I’ve just bought my copy and once I’ve finished my current book I can’t wait to get stuck into yours 🙂

  3. glenatron says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to acquiring it.

  4. jhmae says:

    Mickey Mouse country! Hey now, sir! 🙂 Congrats – nice cover art, too.

  5. Sue Archer says:

    So where’s the love for us Canadians, eh? 😉 Awesome, I am so looking forward to reading these! Congrats, Andrew!

    • I’m terribly sorry. I have to admit that I also neglected my reader in Estonia, among others. Though unlike Estonia, Amazon tells me you have your own Amazon store.

      Do you folks have the Queen on your currency as well? I don’t know who in the Commonwealth still uses pictures of old Lizzy W.

  6. You had me at volcanoes. Now I just need to steal some time…

    • Thanks H. If you’re after the volcanoes then you’ll want to skip straight to ‘The Promise and the Reckoning’. It was inspired by the huge Icelandic ash clouds a few years back, and a colleague telling me that though jets couldn’t fly in those conditions airships would be fine. And so there are ash clouds and airships and… well, you’ll see.

  7. malwen says:

    My review for “Mud & Brass” now up on Amazon http://tinyurl.com/qcfjv6t

  8. Sue Archer says:

    Hi Andrew, I have read “Mud and Brass” and my review is up on Amazon.com. I wanted to ask you about your other formats – will any of them be compatible with the Kobo? http://www.amazon.com/Mud-Brass-Steampunk-Short-Story-ebook/product-reviews/B00MOJG2C0/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

    • Thanks for the great review Sue.

      I’m going to put the books on other formats soon – I’ll put something up on the blog when I do. Hopefully next time I’ll be organised enough to do all the formats at once.

  9. Sara Norja says:

    Looking forward to the release in .epub format! 🙂

  10. skudssister says:

    Haven’t quite finished so the review will follow shortly but I did start reading this after seeing you and Laura on Saturday. Loving it so far – and would love it if spome of the worlds got expanded into longer fiction…..
    I am particularly impressed by the way you have moved the genre out of the well-worn Victoriana and into other historical periods. I know the whole ‘steam power’ thing really took off then but if we are suspending disbelief then why stick with the old Imperial Britain thing…..?

    • Thank you! Getting beyond the familiar Victorian stuff is one of my favourite parts of writing steampunk, so I’m glad you appreciated that. My plans for writing longer steampunk involve a whole secondary world I’ve been working on, as well as some less substantial stories about the Victorian adventurers from ‘The Secret in the Sewers’ and ‘For a Strong, Healthy Body’, so there’s definitely more to come.

      It was good to see you on Saturday and great to have a look round your store – I haven’t looked back at the photos I took of the architecture yet, but if they’re any good then I’ll be blogging about what a great place that is for a book shop.

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  12. […] I have just finished reading Harry’s Last Stand – a fascinating polemic against modern society by Harry Leslie Smith. He was 91 when he wrote the book and lived through the Depression and World War 2 – an interesting, surprising man and, fingers crossed, if he is in the UK for the paperback later this year we would love to have him do an event in Bradford. The Girl With All The Gifts was an unusual take on zombie novels, David Mitchell’s Bone Clocks was as dazzling as everyone says and I did read rather a good steampunk short story collection….. […]

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