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Posted: September 20, 2014 in writing
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I’m in the process of editing together another collection of short stories, this time in the fantasy genre. But my brain has got stuck on a key point, and I thought I would seek the collective wisdom of my readers.

I need a title for the collection. None of the ones I’ve come up with so far are both good and in keeping with the tone of the collection.

Stories in the collection include:

  • a gladiator using art and magic to escape the horrors of the Roman arena
  • knights fighting monsters in the forest during the Hundred Years War
  • an Arabian nights style tale of love, determination and sorcery
  • a gutter-dwelling messenger’s journey across a strange rooftop world
  • two stories about a demonic detective
  • a ninja who can literally become a shadow
  • magical interrogation in an Oriental prison cell
  • various other odds and ends, most involving some combination of magic, action and the creative arts

Does anybody have any ideas for suitable titles for the collection? Or any advice on how to come up with a good title? I’ve been turning this over in my mind for weeks and it’s starting to drive me nuts.

* * *

In unrelated news, I’ve reached nearly eight hundred followers for this blog. That’s a pretty big deal compared with where I was at a year ago. So thanks for reading, and especially to those of you who take the time to comment or to share posts via social media. I always enjoy these little discussions.

Thanks also to JH Mae and Brittany Zelkovich, both of whom mentioned my blog in recent blog award posts. I don’t do blog awards – my inner pedant hates the abuse of the word ‘award’ for what are otherwise nice chain-letter style posts – and I’ve written enough random fact posts about me in recent months. But it’s always nice to be appreciated, so thanks both of you, and everyone else please go check out their blogs.

* * *

And while you’re waiting for my fantasy story collection, don’t forget that Riding the Mainspring, my steampunk collection, and From a Foreign Shore, containing my history and alternate stories, are still out there to read and enjoy. Not convinced? Go check out the reviews on Amazon – they’re really rather good.

  1. jhmae says:

    I don’t have a suggestion, I just want to say: “holy cow you have a lot of short stories!” Have these been collected over a few years or do you just write really fast? It takes me forever to finish a story 😒 Color me impressed.

    • Haha – thanks! These are some of the short stories that I’ve had published in various places over the past seven-ish years. So no, I haven’t suddenly created masses at once, but I have about 50 published and 20+ unpublished short stories kicking around, which is why I’m able to suddenly churn out a collection a month, at least for a little while.

  2. Andrew, I’ll try a few, some silly, some serious :

    Magic Across the Ages

    Majic Slish Splashed In Time

    Magic : a Potpourri

    Not much, but hope that helps 🙂

  3. Liza Barrett says:

    Oh, I’m rubbish at titles. Most of my books are still called things like “Kaleena.” It’s probably the number 1 thing keeping me from deciding to actually publish anything. I like Felipe’s suggestion of ‘Magic Across the Ages’ — that seems pretty appropriate.

  4. I must say, it sounds like a very intriguing collection of short stories you’ve compiled. As for a potential title; the first one that entered my mind was “Something Magical This Way Comes”. 🙂

  5. everwalker says:

    The Canvas of the World
    Transform the Sun (from a quote by Picasso)
    To See A World

  6. John Moley says:

    A Mind’s Eye View
    Painted in Colours Untold
    Tales of Blood and Magic
    By Sword, Stave or Stylus
    The Trick is in Believing

  7. “That Which Transcends”

    • Ooh, that’s another lovely one. Probably not quite right for this, as the title ideally needs to imply some degree of action, but another one where I’ll probably write a story to go with the title.

      Seriously, some of my best stories have come about that way.

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