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Posted: January 5, 2015 in writing life
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Happy New Year everyone!

I can’t say the last few weeks have been as quiet as the blog. Laura and I have had three Christmas celebrations, two stays with my brother and his family, and one gaming convention, all in the space of a fortnight. I’ve eaten and drunk more than is healthy, exercised less than I should, and generally enjoyed letting it all go for a couple of weeks.

Festive highlights have included:

  • watching my dad laugh hysterically while my nieces rolled him around in a half-inflated air mattress and shouted ‘sausage roll!’
  • lots of playing with Lego – I got two new sets, then immediately took them apart to build an airship
  • listening to the finale of Radio 4’s hilarious Cabin Pressure
  • this lovely pair of notebooks from my brother and his family:


Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have something more coherent to say than ‘look, I’m still here!’, but I’m still fighting through the junk food fatigue, so for now that’ll do.

Hope you all had a great holiday. What were your highlights?


  1. skudssister says:

    As always the couple of days spent at my Mum’s. Food is generally on the healthy side (stew and dumplings is healthy, right), with a side order of chocolates and nobody thinks it odd if you just sit and read all day….

    • I believe that mince pies and cream count as healthy over Christmas – and if not, I don’t want to know.

      On a totally unrelated note, all trousers seem to have shrunk around the waste.

  2. Wayne Halm says:

    Aloha Andrew,
    I know the feeling and think that saying, “Look,I’m still here” is an accomplishment.
    Since the holidays I’ve only managed one post – and I felt it was weak. However I sprinkled in some pictures of a pretty girl and nobody complained.
    Thus far I’ve blamed the New Years Eve party. But that excuse is growing old and thin. Soon I will have to either get back to writing, or admit that I am lazy.
    Happy New Year buddy – may your words flow easily.
    A Hui Hou,

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