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Posted: January 10, 2015 in writing
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In the best news ever for people learning to write science fiction and fantasy, the Writing Excuses podcast have decided that this year they’re going to run the show as a writing course.

Regular readers of this blog, along with anyone I’ve talked writing with for more than five minutes, will know that I’m a huge fan of Writing Excuses. It’s a brilliant show in which professional genre writers Mary Robinette Kowal*, Brandon Sanderson**, Howard Tayler and Dan Wells*** dish out weekly writing advice. This week they started season ten of the show, which will be a carefully structured year long course with themed lessons, writing exercises and Q&A at the end of each topic. If you’re not already listening to the show, and you want to hear some high quality writing advice, this is a great place to start.

Go forth, my happy writing minions, and listen to the wisdom. And if you do, then let me know – maybe we can share our work on the exercises.


* See my previous posts on her Glamourist Histories.

** Yes, the Wheel of Time guy.

*** I use his seven point story structure for everything.

  1. You mean the guy writing The Stormlight Archive, The Mistborn Trilogy of Trilogies, and this whole huge epic thing called The Cosmere! Oh yeah! That guy!

    I plan on participating, but I’m probably going to fall behind as school starts on Monday. If running late with exercises doesn’t bother you, I’d love to share!

    • I do mean that guy, yes! In fact, while I’ve never read any Wheel of Time, I have read one of the Mistborn books. But I also know which side his fame is buttered.

      A couple of people seem interested in doing the exercises, so I’ll do some blog posts with my results and invite folks to share their own. I’m already a week behind, so was planning to do the first for tomorrow – we’ll see if I find the time for that.

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    I meant to talk more about this, but it’s been a busy week! So let this awesome guy tell you all about it!

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    Yes! My favorite podcast!

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