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Posted: March 11, 2015 in updates
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Wesley Crusher says games are cool, it must be true!

Wesley Crusher says games are cool, it must be true!

One of the frustrations of freelance writing is that I often can’t point toward the things I’ve written and say ‘I did that’. Sometimes even when I can I don’t want to – no-one wants to read three hundred words designed to sell toothpaste. But right now I have a gig that not only has my name attached, it’s about something readers of this blog might be interested in – board games.

I’m currently writing blog posts for a price comparison sight called Board Game Prices. These aren’t in depth, critical analyses – it’s a site selling board games, so I’m focusing on the positives, the things that make me enthusiastic. Fortunately I have a lot of honest enthusiasm for board games.

Not all the blog posts there are by me, but if you want to read the first couple you can see my top tie-in games or read me enthusing about Doomtown Reloaded (again – I think I may love that game a little too much). I’ll have articles going up there fairly regularly, and they’re tagged with my name, so if you’re interested in board games then please go check it out.

  1. Steve Hartline says:

    This sounds like fun writing to me!
    My true obsession revealed. I am an avid game. Nine years ago at a holiday office party we had to anonymously write one little known fact to be drawn later for a team building game. “I own over 175 games”. Mind you that was nine years ago.

    • Sounds like you’ve got a lot in common with my friend Hammy. He has a whole loft for gaming in, with two gaming tables, shelves and shelves of games, and his wargaming trophies around the walls. The first time I saw it I was gobsmacked.

      Given that you’re also a fan of the weird west, you should give Doomtown a go if you haven’t already. It’s excellent.

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