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The Epiphany Club Series

The Epiphany Club follows Victorian adventurers Dirk Dynamo, Sir Timothy Blaze-Simms and Isabelle McNair as they search for the lost Great Library of Alexandria. Faced with every sort of peril, from mutated bears to wily ninjas, can they find the Library and its fabulous secrets before their criminal opponents do?

This series will eventually consist of five novellas, which I’m releasing during 2015. I’ll add details of each one as it becomes available.

Book 1: Guns and Guano

bookdesign348Dirk Dynamo is enjoying a life of learning with the gentlemen adventurers of the Epiphany Club. Joining an expedition to find the Great Library of Alexandria, Dirk finds himself on the island of Hakon, where colonial life is not what it seems. With monsters in the jungle, conspiracies in the mansion and ninjas dogging his trail, can Dirk and his friends find the first clue to the Library before they meet a deadly fate?

Guns and Guano is available via Amazon and Smashwords.



Book 2: Suits and Sewers


Adventurer Dirk Dynamo is glad to be back in civilisation, with the first two clues to the location of the Great Library of Alexandria. But when ninjas kidnap his best friend and steal a priceless artefect, Dirk is forced to pursue them across London and into the sewers below. Faced with deadly assassins and the strange followers of London’s Underlord, can Dirk save Sir Timothy and the tablet before he finds himself on the wrong end of a shuriken?

Suits and Sewers is out now via Amazon and Smashwords.




Short Stories

Mud and Brass - High Resolution - Version 2

Mud and Brass

How far would you go for love, or for justice, or for the perfect gearwheel?

Thomas Niggle grew up a mudlark, hunting for scrap on the polluted banks of the River Burr. One of the countless poor living in the shadows of Mercer Shackleton’s vast factories, he has dragged himself out of poverty using his mechanical skills. An encounter with Gloria Shackleton, the Mercer’s daughter, offers Niggle the possibility of love, but it also offers something else, deep in the heart of the Mercer’s domain.

What hope can the future hold for a boy raised amidst the mud and brass?

You can read more about this steampunk short story, including what other readers thought here. It’s available for the Kindle through Amazon and on other formats via Smashwords.

Riding the Mainspring

Riding The Mainspring - High Resolution

A steam-powered cowboy with a taste for death.

A daring art heist in a moving city.

A zeppelin flight through the smoke-filled skies of a Europe torn apart by volcanoes.

This collection brings together nine stories of mechanical endeavour and daring do from worlds where pistons and clockwork are king. Each short story explores a different steampunk possibility, from the Wild West to the sewers below Venice. Starring scientists, detectives, criminals, and more machines than you can shake a pair of brass goggles at.

So get on board and ride the mainspring to adventure.

You can read more about this collection of steampunk short stories, including what other readers thought here. It’s available for the Kindle through Amazon or you can get a copy for free by signing up to my mailing list.

From a Foreign Shore

From A Foreign Shore - High Resolution

What if someone had conquered the Vikings, someone claiming to be their gods?

What if King Arthur’s knights met a very different metal-clad warrior?

What if you were ordered to execute a statue, and hanging just didn’t seem to work?

These short stories explore different aspects of history, some of them grounded in reality, some alternative takes on the past as we know it. Stories of daring and defiance; of love and of loss; of noble lords and exasperated peasants.

You can read more about From a Foreign Shore, including what other readers thought here. It’s available on Kindle through Amazon.

By Sword, Stave or Stylus

By Sword, Stave or Stylus - High Resolution

A gladiator painting with manticore blood.

A demon detective policing Hell.

A ninja who can turn into shadow.

Prepare to be swept away to worlds beyond our own in these thirteen short fantasy stories.

Action, art and mystery all feature in this collection. You can read more about it, including what other readers thought here. It’s available as an ebook via Amazon.


Lies We Will Tell Ourselves

Lies - High Resolution

A spin doctor forced to deal with aliens who loathe lies.

A squad of soldiers torn apart by the fiction in their midst.

A hunting submarine with its dead captain strapped to the prow, the crew promising that one day they’ll revive him.

We all tell lies to get through the day, some of them to ourselves, some to other people. Now read the extraordinary lies of the future in these nine short science fiction stories, available on Amazon. You can read more about the collection here.



Short stories

Every Friday I post a new flash fiction story here on the site where you can read it for free. You can find links to my Flash Friday stories here.

I’ve also had a lot of short stories published in magazines and websites. You can see a list of all those stories here, including a brief snippet of what they’re about and where they were published. Some of them are still available to buy, or to read for free on the internet – just follow the links. Many of them are now collected in my anthologies.

  1. Subject23-17 says:

    Wow! That’s a lot. Congrats! I’ll make a note to read some of these later!

  2. […] want to read the stories, you can buy them from Amazon Here, or see Andrew’s other collections Here, or check out his blog (which I highly recommend!) […]

  3. Hey Andrew! Just wanted to let you know I bought From a Foreign Shore, and *loved* it. It was a really cool read, and I thought the stories were so well crafted. I wrote a blog post about it this week:

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