Flash Friday fiction

Inspired by fellow writer Lisa Walker England, I’ve started posting flash fiction stories on the blog every Friday. To make it easier for you to find, read and hopefully enjoy my fiction I’ve started a list of them here. So…


A Matter of Skin – academics are forced to cruel ends to preserve their work – an intense and disturbing piece, probably the darkest I’ve ever written.

A Pinch of Sorrow – a low-key fantasy story of loss, memory and everyday magic.

All’s Fair in Hell – demon detective Shadowvalt investigates a soul smuggling ring.

Counting Coup – a weird western story of magic and the clashing of cultures.

Counting the Spoils – a pair of clerks struggle to count Napoleon’s magical spoils.

Holes Through the World – a man trying to photograph bigfoot gets more than he bargained for.

Lady Joanna’s Guest – a surprise greets Lady Joanna when she tries to scrape magic from a mummy.

Love The Never Lived – a story about coping with the grief of miscarriage, and one of the most personal things I’ve ever written.

Pale Wings – a blacksmith meets a demon.

Secret Sinners – demon detective Shadowvalt investigates the murder of a vicar.

Shades of Loss – a priest faces a ghost in the world of Pale Wings.

Stay With Me – darkness descends on a colonial plantation.

Straight Poker – Rick came out west to leave magic behind. The cards have other ideas.

Swallowing Lies – a woman negotiates with a demon in medieval Japan.

The Gorgon’s Gaze – an adventure story of classical myths and improvised medicine.

The Making of Meredith Brown – slaves resist through magic in a weird western story.


The Shoeless Cobbler – a cobbler faces the dangers of dissent in 16th century Scotland.

Unto the Breach – Sir Richard de Motley’s courage is tested in a medieval action story.

Steampunk and clockwork

A Flash of Power – Dirk Dynamo and Sir Timothy Blaze-Simms, gentlemen adventurers, rush to stop a runaway factor – also available as an audio version thanks to Steve Cook.

Dreaming Skies – Dirk Dynamo and Sir Timothy Blaze-Simms have their airship hijacked in the Australian outback.

Three Thousand Horses – Isabelle McNair defends Victorian animal rights.

Tick-Tock – a clock maker is haunted by the ghosts of gears past.

Science fiction

Broken Phones and Empty Bellies – a young woman scrabbles to make a living amid the technology others have thrown away.

Digits – a robot because fascinated by human hands in a story from my collection Lies We Will Tell Ourselves.

Divided by a Shared Language – diplomat Julian Atticus faces language barriers as he negotiates with an alien race.

Quarantined – NASA struggles with a disease from space.

The Computer Whisperer – Liv manipulates a computer’s emotions in a high tech heist story.

Sunflowers in the Snow – when Neanderthals are cloned, new social divisions arise.

Sweetpeas – out of control plants threaten an innocent looking old lady.

The Price of Living – at war with the machines, freedom fighters must chose whether to trust medical technology.

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