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Coming up – Mutiny

Posted: June 11, 2013 in release, writing
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I’ve had a story accepted today for this year’s pirate themed Locothology anthology. The story’s a flash fiction piece about trouble with a talking figurehead, and doing the admin around it made me realise something – I’ve started writing longer.

When I first wrote fiction for publication, I wrote a lot of flash fiction pieces, stories under a thousand words. They were quick and satisfying to complete, and I managed to get quite a few of them published.

As time’s gone on, what I find satisfying to write has changed. I’ve learned more about characterisation and building plots and found that I need space in a story to apply that learning. It’s not that you can’t develop good plots and characters in a thousand words, but that what I currently find rewarding takes longer.

So now I’ve got to the point, for the first time, where none of the stories I have on the go – whether being written, or planned, or edited, or sent out to editors – none of them are flash fiction. It’s not that I won’t write flash – maybe this will be the reminder that restores my love for it – but that I’m interested in other forms right now.

I’ll post more details about the anthology when I have a release date. It’s all pirates, so what’s not to love?


Posted: October 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The introduction to Steampunk Revolution, the upcoming third steampunk anthology from Ann Vandermeer, is available to read on the blog. It’s an interesting piece, reflecting on what steampunk is and where it’s going, and I always like to see someone raise interesting questions about their genre or medium, what it can do, what its boundaries are.

For me, steampunk is interesting because of the contrasts it represents. It’s about the hope of technology, from a time before we learned the taste of pollution and the terror of potential nuclear armageddon. But it’s also about the dark side of that, the disparities inherent in both our past and our ever-developing technological future. It muddles the boundaries between history, fantasy and science fiction, creating interesting contrasts, for example in the gap between a fantastical motor-carriage-racing academic aristocracy and an all too real impoverished, rioting underclass in Gibson and Sterling’s Difference Engine.

Steampunk Revolution is out on 1 December, and includes my story Urban Drift, a heist story about art and addiction. If you like what Ms Vandermeer has to say, then you’re sure to like the rest of the book too.

On a steampunk roll

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I must be getting something right with the steampunk stories, because I’ve had another one accepted for an anthology. ‘The Promise and the Reckoning’, a tale of airships, volcanoes and extreme science, will be appearing in the Gears and Levers 2 anthology from Sky Warrior Books, edited by Phyllis Irene Radford. The anthology is due to be published in January 2013, and I’ll put more details up here when I have them.